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Published: Sun, 2. Aug 2015., 13:14

Concrete Kibble with Discharge Hose for hire at The Plant Yard.

The Plant Yard now has discharge hoses available to attach to their concrete kibbles for pouring in confined and narrow spaces for sewer and trench works. The operator is able to operate the kibble from the bottom of the discharge charge point of the hose when pouring inside trenches due to the attached is an operating chain. The simple wheel operating system can be used to control the flow of concrete down the hose, which can be very useful for pouring down piers. Through eliminating segregation during concrete placement, this kibble can eliminate the use of a mechanical concrete pump.


Crane Bin (Large), SWL=2000kg

Crane Bin (Skip), SWL=2000kg

Crane Bin (Small), SWL=500kg

Crane Bin Rubbish, SWL=2000kg


Concrete Kibble (Large), vol=1.5m3

Concrete Kibble (Medium), forkable, vol=0.75m3

Crane Bin Rubbish (Large), SWL=2000kg

Crane Bin Excavation (Large), SWL=5000kg


Crane Brick Cage, SWL=2000kg

Crane Brick Cage (Open Top), SWL=2000kg

Crane Lifting Cage (Large), SWL=1500kg

Crane Lifting Cage (Small), SWL=250kg


Crane Block Box (Large), SWL=2000kg

Crane Personnel Box, SWL=500kg (4 persons)

Crane Personnel Box, SWL=450kg (3 persons)

Crane Personnel Box, SWL=250kg (1 person)


Crane Offset Pallet Lifter

Crane Loading Platform, SWL=3000kg

Crane Landing Trestle, SWL=1000kg

Crane Sedimentation Bin


Crane Oxy Trolley, SWL=500kg

Crane Oxy Cage (Large), SWL=1000kg

Crane Bin Concrete Wash Out, SWL=1000kg

First Aid Cage


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